December 6th 2020, 12:00 pm

Snooty Fox News host highlights why viewer exodus is happening for the supposedly conservative network

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace once again revealed his snobby character Sunday after interrupting the Secretary of Health and Human Services to correct him about Joe Biden’s title.

On his show “Fox News Sunday”, Wallace asked HHS Secretary Alex Azar why President Trump won’t just tell the American people to wear masks.

“If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then, back in April, the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t we be in much better shape?”

“We welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April, the president’s guidelines have called for –” Azar began.

Wallace interrupted: “He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect.”

“The president has called masks patriotic acts,” Azar went on. “Every one of his top advisors says, wear your mask. We talk about the data. At one meter, if two people whether masks, it can reduce viral transmission by 72%, protecting both the source and the recipient. We’ve got the data, masks work. We encourage people, please wear a mask when you can’t engage in social distancing.”

Wallace again told Azar that Biden is actually president-elect despite election fraud litigation taking place in six battleground states.

“First of all, if the President-elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar, and secondly, the fact is the president set on the first day, April 30, that he wasn’t going to wear a mask,” Wallace said.

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