Jon Bowne | Infowars

December 25th 2020, 9:43 am

Government continues screwing the people

60 percent of small businesses have closed permanently and thousands of hungry Americans are lining up for food distribution. 

The majority of hungry families with children has risen 145% in some cities. 

Meanwhile, the treasonous corporation that occupies our government gave 80 percent of a desperately needed stimulus bill to foreign countries and special interests.

10 million for gender studies in Pakistan. 135 million to Burma. 85.5 million to Cambodia.135 million to Nepal. 1.3 Billion to the Egyptian military. 700 million to Sudan. $250 million for economic aid for Palestine.$500 million earmarked for Israeli defense purchases, including to equip the Iron Dome missile defense system. $2.5 million for “Internet freedom programs in closed societies”

Democrats voted to suspend the required 72 hour period to read the nearly 5,600 page bill costing tax payers 2.3 Trillion dollars adding to 27.5 trillion the national debt. Ultimately Congress only had a few hours to read it.