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I want to start this analysis by first noting that I fully realize the political left is not the root of the problem in the US or the world, they are merely a grotesque symptom of a deeper disease called globalism. That said, the collectivist/totalitarian mindset of globalism is very appealing to these people, and even though they claim to despise the ultra-rich elites that promote globalism, leftists have become unwitting and useful idiots for their agenda.

If you want to learn about what globalists really desire all you have to do is study the statements of the World Economic Forum and their “Great Reset” initiative. They openly admit to plans that would result in the total centralization of money and power along with the destruction of free and independent society.

But, we cannot talk about the fight against globalist oligarchy without also acknowledging that the political left is the weapon the elites are using to maintain and expand that oligarchy.

At bottom, extreme leftists do not care about authenticity or honesty. They do not care about logic or rationality. They do not care about being right, they only care about winning. In fact, their hypocrisy is probably not lost on them at all; many of them are well aware that they are hypocritical, biased and illogical and they revel in it. They love double standards and doubling down when they are wrong or caught in a lie. This is what they do, and they do it because they are convinced that they are virtuous in their cause, thus anything goes.

Remember when leftists spent 4 years claiming that the 2016 election was “stolen by the Russians” despite zero concrete evidence ever found to support the conspiracy theory?

Now they want any discussion of the 2020 election being stolen removed from the internet.

Remember when the leftists adamantly supported and defended violence, looting and property destruction by BLM and Antifa all year long?

Now they admonish conservatives as “insurrectionists” because of a single protest at the capitol that turned violent.

Remember when leftists wanted to defund the police, many of them publicly calling for violence against officers on social media sites like Twitter?

Remember when they called for burning down the whole system?

Well now they are demanding that police and federal officers do their dirty work and arrest any conservatives involved in the protest.

Weaponized hypocrisy is the philosophy of the zealot. There is no reasoning with a zealot. Diplomacy is wasted on them. Their goal is to destroy anyone that disagrees with them and the ends always justify the means. They are monsters who believe themselves to be heroes.

Some might consider my statements to be extreme. What does the political left do that is so monstrous? Aren’t they fighting for “social justice” and the rights of “oppressed minorities”? Aren’t they the “underdog” working for “diversity” and a more fair and peaceful world? Well, this is the narrative they like to project, but their actions and rhetoric betray their true identities as narcissistic sociopaths that are willing to sacrifice any person and any value to get what they want.

What do they want? Power and influence; this is all they want. True “justice” is meaningless to them.

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