January 24th 2021, 11:54 am

Even unfollowing or blocking the White House account can’t stop you from following Beijing Biden

Users on Instagram are reporting that the social media platform is forcing them to follow Joe Biden’s White House account, apparently to compensate for having less than one million followers.

Comments from the official White House account show confused users discovering that they’re following the account whether they want to or not.

Some users tried unfollowing and even blocking the Biden White House account, but were unable to do so.

“Hoping you pick up this story. If you unfollow or block the White House Instagram account, hours later you are forced to follow it again,” a reader told The Gateway Pundit. “More than half of the followers are being forced to follow the page.  Seems like Instagram is trying to avoid the mainstream media picking up on Biden having less than a million followers.”

So, Biden reportedly won a record 80 million votes, but can’t even get a following of one million people on Instagram unless through Big Tech shenanigans?

Does anybody still really believe that Biden legitimately won 80 million votes?

H/t Gateway Pundit