by Patrick Howley | National File

February 11th 2021, 1:39 pm

Counter-terrorism chief contributes ‘disruptions’ caused by Covid to jihadist group’s return

The United Nations (UN) Under-Secretary-General on counter-terrorism confirms that the threat of the Islamic State, aka ISIS, “is on the rise again,” following a series of hostile actions and maneuvers by the jihadist group.

ISIS and Joe Biden share a common enemy in Syria’s Bashar al Assad, a leader that Washington neoliberals are determined to remove from power.

Will ISIS flourish again during the Biden regime as it did during the Obama administration when it effectively formed an Islamic Caliphate and beheaded multiple American hostages?

“The threat posed by ISIS to international peace and security is on the rise again,” said Vladimir Voronkov, a Russian who serves as UN counter-terrorism under-secretary-general. Voronkov made these remarks before the UN Security Council, according to The New Indian Express. “It is crucial that Member States remain focused and united to counter it, despite the strains and competing priorities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Its core in Iraq and Syria and its affiliates in other conflict zones have continued to take advantage of the disruption caused by the virus to step up their operations, with a number of high-profile attacks,” Voronkov stated. “Member States warn that ISIS could regain the capacity to orchestrate attacks in different parts of the world in the course of 2021.”

Regarding the approximately 10,000 ISIS insurgents in Iraq-Syria (a hotbed of tensions now that Biden’s troops and Vladimir Putin’s Russian troops are engaged in a tense staredown in northeastern Syria), Voronkov confirmed that “These sizable remnants are assessed to pose a major, long-term and global threat. They are organised in small cells hiding in desert and rural areas and moving across the border between the two countries, waging attacks.”

The renewed prominence of the ISIS terror group comes as no surprise to close observers of neoliberal Western agitation in the Middle East.

President Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Biden could be taking foreign policy “back to when ISIS controlled a caliphate in Syria that was the size of Britain. I hope not. President Trump and our team took that down.” During the Obama administration, ISIS controlled considerable black-market wealth by operating oil wells and undercutting competitors on price per barrel — something the Obama administration was aware of because it was reported in the Western mainstream media including by The New York Times.

ISIS is back in force, claiming responsibility for two recent suicide bombings at the Baghdad marketplace in Iraq. ISIS is again asserting itself in Syria, where it killed 19 pro-Assad fighters in a surprise attack in Badia. The murder of two Syrian women prompted the Jerusalem Post headline “ISIS returns to target women in Syria.” Four ISIS suspects got arrested in Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces, an anti-Assad predominately Kurdish opposition group that stated “The captured terrorists are responsible for supplying and transporting weapons and money.”

The Syrian Bashar al-Assad government is trying to get Biden to stop supporting the opposition Syrian Democratic Forces, which share ISIS’ goal of toppling Assad, but indications seem to be that Biden is moving in the opposite direction of peace. Certainly, ISIS’ unimpeded comeback in Syria is not boding well for Biden-Assad relations.

As the American intelligence class compares patriotic Donald Trump supporters in the United States to “al Qaeda,” calls them “the enemy within,” and calls for “counterinsurgency” tactics against them, people are beginning to wonder why our Deep State’s objectives appear to be so contradictory to the cause of securing the American homeland. The Biden regime is transparent in its neoliberal regime-change objectives in Syria, Russia, and possibly Iran and Myanmar and elsewhere. As we learned during the Obama administration, when ISIS grew out of U.S.-backed al Qaeda groups, jihadist radicals effectively fight for the same regime change objectives as the Western globalists. Another marriage of convenience, or perhaps more explicit romance, could develop under Biden while the mainstream media runs cover for the administration. After all, Biden’s current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan previously told Hillary Clinton in an email released by Wikileaks that “AQ (al Qaeda) is on our side in Syria.”