by Ben Warren

February 12th 2021, 1:04 pm

“If doc says it’s good, then trust me it’s good.”

Editor’s note: The video this article discusses is a serious production from Hip Hop Public Health. According to its website, this organization’s mission statement is “to foster positive health behavior change through the transformative power of hip-hop music.” 

To emphasize: this rap video is NOT satire.

A new pro-vaccine video targets black people in a cringe rap song that tells the audience the debate is over regarding vaccine safety.

The animated music video stars a past-his-prime Darryl Matthews McDaniels, more popularly known as ‘DMC’, rapping about the urgent need to take the vaccine and return to “normal.” 

Some lyrics include:

“If doc says it’s good, then trust me it’s good. Now let’s all get the vaccine.”

“Time for us to trust and not debate. The vaccine, believe it’s safe to take.”

“We gotta act now, no need to wait. Get your vaccine before it’s too late (for real.)”

The video is so brazen and lazy in pushing its agenda that social media users criticized it en masse.

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