by Zero Hedge


A California campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has obtained over 1.5 million signaturesaccording to organizers, which is more than the required amount to trigger a special election.

Randy Economy, the senior adviser and official media spokesman for Recall Gavin 2020, told Fox News on Saturday that the campaign has received around 1,509,000 signatures — more than the required amount. Organizers said they expect to have 1.6 million signatures by Sunday. –Fox News

Now it’s up to the California Secretary of State’s office to process the signatures and determine if they are valid.
Organizers are hoping to get 2 million signatures by mid-march in order to have a ‘comfortable margin’ – after the last effort had a 25% disqualification rate among signatures collected.
“We’re not there yet. We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the milestone along the way. But our job is not done. We’re working as hard as today as we were yesterday, and we’re going to work harder tomorrow,” Economy told Fox News, adding “And if it wasn’t for this amazing group of volunteers that have dedicated so much of their lives, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.”

Recall Gavin 2020 lead campaign proponent Orrin Heatlie says he’s “confident” in the work that the group has done, but doesn’t want to become complacent.

“We are going to continue working until the very end and we have run through the tape,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington ExaminerRecall Gavin 2020 received a $250,000 donation from the Republican National Committee – with Chairwoman Rona McDaniel saying in a statement: “Gov. Newsom’s authoritarian measures, blatant overreach and complete mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic have proven that he is woefully unqualified to lead the state of California,” adding “It is time the people use their constitutional recourse to remove him from power.”

The RNC also plans to run digital ads in support of the effort, and will utilize their vast network of volunteers to expand the effort by gathering more signatures and support.

“If you lived in California for the last 11 months, you have watched Gavin Newsom appear on your television for two or three hours a day, every single day,” said Economy. “He has no clue what he’s doing, and yet, all he wants to do is make sure he is the one and only authority to get people out of this pandemic, and he’s failed. He’s failed miserably.”

For more insight into the Recall Newsom effort, Anne Dunsmore, campaign manager and finance director of Rescue California discusses why Newsom is being recalled, and what still needs to happen in the process: