by Adan Salazar

March 9th 2021, 1:34 pm

Staff had been warned second dose of shot can ‘pack a punch.”You are more likely to get [side effects] on the second one than the first,’ said school rep.

A school district in Iowa had to cancel classes Monday when several teachers reported suffering adverse reactions after receiving Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine over the weekend.

According to local news outlet The Gazette, staff members at the West Liberty School District in Eastern Iowa received their second dose of the Moderna shot during a vaccine drive on Saturday.

By Sunday, over 60 percent of teachers who had received the vaccine reported experiencing “some kind of side effect and 28 percent thought the side effects made them feel too poorly to go to work.”

As a result, the district canceled classes on Monday.

“We followed up with them yesterday (Sunday) because we were very well warned that we could experience side effects from the vaccine,” school rep Kara Dennis said in a statement.

“You are more likely to get [side effects] on the second one than the first. We wanted to reach out so we could be prepared as far as being able to staff our buildings and our transportation input service department for school.”

Dennis claimed they’d been warned Moderna’s second dose can “pack a punch.”

Actor and comedian Ben Stein also recently warned about the “killer” second dose of the Moderna vaccine, which caused him to suffer severe side effects that put him in the hospital for days.