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Imagine the collective outrage and uproar if this had happened during the Trump administration… At the White House’s daily briefing on Wednesday Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Press Secretary Jen Psaki began sparring – particularly after Psaki openly laughed off the reporter’s question related to the migrant border crossing crisis centered on migrant children as well as CDC guidelines for school re-openings.

The exchange began with Doocy grilling Psaki over if Biden has a “messaging problem” over the fact that migrant child facilities have fully opened “safely” – even with “educational” opportunities while the kids are in custody – but at the same time American schools in many cases have not, citing dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s not funny,” Doocy responded after a chuckling Psaki tried to claim it’s all about “working to fix the mess of the last couple years” in an attempt to blame it all on Trump

Doocy had asked, highlighting the contradiction, “But since they are not all back, from an administration position, or from your perspective, have the border patrol unions and the HHS unions been easier to work with than the teacher’s unions?

Psaki then asserted the Fox reporter was “mixing different circumstances,” to which Doocy retorted that ultimately they both involve “children all in tight quarters.”

“Not quite, I would say that let — let’s take a responsible approach to the two issues,” Psaki said.

“That is a different circumstance than what we are seeing at the border,” Psaki tried to claim.

Here’s the dialogue leading up to the laughter moment via Mediaite

“We’re working to fix the mess of the last couple of years. It’s going to take some time,” Psaki said. “This is clearly a priority for the president. We are looking at a range of options, which include the opening of additional facilities. It includes steps we can take to expedite the processing. It includes application and implementation of CDC guidelines that just came that allow for more children to be housed safely in those communities.”

Doocy then questioned why all schools are not entirely open if the Biden administration feels comfortable opening migrant child facilities based on these guidelines.

Psaki pushed back, asking if there are any schools that have failed to follow CDC guidelines regarding the mitigation of the virus, prompting Doocy to question if any schools are at full capacity with in-person learning.

See the full tense exchange below…

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