by Kelen McBreen

March 18th 2021, 7:41 pm

The network sent out a reporter to pester diners about taking the jab

Earlier this week, CNN reporter Gary Tuchman asked citizens of Boise City, Oklahoma if it’s a good idea to take a COVID-19 vaccine and was clearly upset by their answers.

The citizens of the heavily Republican county are largely opposed to the idea of receiving the experimental gene therapy posing as a vaccine.

One man’s reason for opting out of the shot was that he doesn’t “trust the government or Joe Biden.”

“When I take the flu shot, I usually get the flu, so there’s no reason to take it,” another man explained.

Tuchman asked, “So are you saying you’ll get COVID by taking the COVID vaccine?”

“Probably,” he responded. 

Doing his best to push the establishment narrative, Tuchman said, “The research doesn’t show that at all.”

However, catching COVID-19 is listed as one of the possible side effects of the so-called vaccine.

A pair of sisters who the CNN reporter called vaccine “doubters” argued that around 100,000 people die yearly from the flu despite flu shots existing.

Tuchman retorted, claiming COVID is different because “it’s a global pandemic” and said the “amazing” vaccines are “saving people’s lives.”

Not wishing to engage in the reporter’s games, one of the sisters said, “We’ll just agree to disagree on this subject I guess.”

Asked if President Trump’s endorsement of the shot would convince them to take it, one man simply answered, “No.”

“Trump is a liberal New Yorker. Why would we listen to him either,” another man chimed in.

The only person in the report who seemed in favor of the inoculation was a store manager who revealed his wife convinced him to take it.

If anything, this report shows how out of touch mainstream media is with the average American.