by National File

March 20th 2021, 5:47 am

“Do you see something possibly neurological that could be throwing off his balance?”

When President Trump walked slowly down a ramp last year, the media frenziedly questioned his health, yet the same outlets are silent on Biden’s fall this morning.

As National File reported, Joe Biden fell this morning while walking up stairs to enter Air Force One. Multiple photos captured the moment the 78-year-old American president lost his footing and fell about halfway up the stairs. Video footage shows him flailing around as he attempts to gather himself.

The mainstream media, known for recent fawning coverage of Joe Biden, including his “impressive” ability to play Mario Kart, has not made any comments remarking on his health following his stumble, but in June last year, these same outlets were quick to repeatedly question the health of President Trump, when he dared to walk slowly down a ramp at West Point to avoid slipping.

Headlines ranged from “Trump’s Halting Walk Down Ramp Raises New Questions” in the New York Times, to the Washington Post smugly labelling the incident as “Ramp-Gate,” to MSNBC claiming that President Trump had an “unsteady appearance,” and with CNN even asking if President Trump was “afraid of stairs.”

At the time, President Trump responded to the speculation regarding his health in a tweet. “The ramp that I descended after my West Point Commencement speech was very long & steep, had no handrail and, most importantly, was very slippery,” Trump tweeted. “The last thing I was going to do is ‘fall’ for the Fake News to have fun with. Final ten feet I ran down to level ground. Momentum!”

However, that of course wasn’t enough to stop the speculation. Commentators on mainstream media channels even denied that the ramp may have been slippery, with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski claiming that “there is no indication that the ramp was slippery during a clear sunny day,” and going onto link the descent to the President “needing two hands” to drink water as another indication of “health concerns.”

Despite commentators such as Joe Scarborough and the AP’s Jonathan Lemire claiming that they should leave speculation on the President’s health “to the doctors,” they carried on regardless.

“Images like this and even his speaking ability or lack thereof, undercuts their argument that Biden is a doddering old man and that they should elect someone with more energy than Joe Biden,” said Scarborough. “Clip for clip, stumble for stumble, Donald Trump appears to be right in line with Joe Biden, or in many cases, even worse,” he added.

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