April 24th 2021, 11:52 am

Biden “has been nothing short of sharp, focused, and completely on top of things,” claims Maher.

“Real Time” host Bill Maher gaslighted his audience on Friday night by insisting that Joe Biden has been “sharp”, “focused”, and “completely on top of things” during his time in the White House.

Ignoring the plethora of evidence to the contrary, Maher claimed during his closing remarks on Friday that Biden has been the kind of leader Americans have been waiting for.

“Three months into his presidency, it’s time to admit that Joe Biden has been a huge disappointment, to comedians. All the jokes we were stockpiling about ancient, doddering, sleepy Joe, useless,” Maher began.

“The man has been nothing short of sharp, focused, and completely on top of things. We were expecting a font of comedy gold about a senile geezer showing up to work in his pajama bottoms and plowing his motorcade into a farmer’s market.”

Maher went on to say that Biden slayed “the orange dragon”, referring to President Trump, and is now “spearheading the most transformative administration since FDR,” presumably referring to Biden’s massive tax hike proposals, Green New Deal push, gun control agenda, and open borders calamity.

“Forget the dog, he was going to bite someone on the South Lawn. But a funny thing happened on the way to the old age home, Biden slayed the orange dragon and is now spearheading the most transformative administration since FDR with an approval rating of 59%,” Maher said.

Notably, that poll Maher referred to oversampled Democrats by 20 points

Biden has been so “sharp” and “on top of things” that the U.S. is currently experiencing the worst immigration crisis in its history.

Additionally, Biden’s occupation of the White House has been routinely riddled with gaffes and faux pas, such as when he fell three times walking up the stairs to Air Force One.