May 15th 2021, 11:50 am

“We have no rights whatsoever. What we have right now is some kind of a hybrid between fascism and communism,” says Artur Pawlowski

Canadian anti-lockdown pastor Artur Pawlowski spoke with Fox News on Friday to warn of fascism creeping into the free world under the guise of COVID public safety.

In an interview on “The Ingraham Angle”, Pawlowski, who was recently arrested and put in solitary confinement for holding a church service in defiance of Canadian lockdown rules, explained that the current COVID measures are producing a “hybrid” of fascism and communism.

“We have no rights whatsoever. What we have right now is some kind of a hybrid between fascism and communism: medical tyranny,” Pawlowski told host Laura Ingraham.

“It looks like we have absolutely no rights whatsoever,” he continued. “The premier of Alberta right now declared that protesting is illegal. So when I opened my church in protest against the government overreach, I was taken into custody, I was manhandled – they really wanted me to be hurt – they threw me into a cell, they deprived me of sleep for two days.”

“I spent three days in jail for my crime of opening the church in a free and democratic society,” he added.

Pawlowski, a Polish immigrant to fled the Soviet bloc of communism, described the parallels between the Soviet authoritarianism and the oppression unfolding in Canada.

“I escaped tyranny. I escaped communist socialism,” he said. “I came to Canada only because Canada was offering me freedom. Here we are again in a repetition of history, and I decided I’m going to stand up and fight to the death.”

Pawlowski then insisted that the COVID-19 lockdown measures were a “sham” and a “big fat lie.”

“When I grew up behind the Iron Curtain, that’s what we were receiving on a daily basis: lies, manipulation, misinformation. If you were looking for the truth you were arrested, sentenced to jail,” he said.

“If you were caught listening to European radio, you could face five years jail time. That’s why they’re de-platforming Christians, that’s why they’re de-platforming anyone that opposes them and brings forth the truth.”