May 28th 2021, 5:25 pm

Outraged liberals claim sign transphobic, store owner a bigot.Store customer says sign ‘pretty funny.’

An anti-mask sign displayed at a beer store in Pennsylvania is triggering liberals over its mocking of Biden assistant health secretary Rachel Levine.

“Mask no longer required,” the sign states, adding, “Unless your face looks like Rachael Levine [sic]. Then PLEASE LEAVE IT ON.”

The owner of the “Save on Beer” store in Cranberry Township says he meant his sign as a joke poking fun at Levine’s looks, however outraged liberals in the community took the sign as a transphobic gesture.

“It was a joke and it’s just gotten carried away. Nothing transphobic, homophobic, any other phobics you wanna call it, folks,” the store’s owner, Greg Harrold, told CBS Pittsburgh.

(Photo by Tom Brenner-Pool/Getty Images)

“I have nothing against Rachel Levine as a person. It did not call out transgenders, it just said if you look like Rachel Levine, because we’ve been tired of wearing masks the last year,” Harrold said.

While one customer interviewed said he thought the sign was “pretty funny” and that critics are being “a little too sensitive,” posts on Reddit and social media claimed the store is run by transphobic bigots.

Despite the criticism from triggered liberals, Harrold says he’s not going back on his sign’s humorous intent.

“You can’t please everybody all the time and I’m not going to please everybody all the time. Sorry I used Rachel Levine, it had nothing against transgenders, but I said it and I will not retract it.”

CBS adds Harrold says he’s not transphobic and believes everyone is entitled to the same rights.

When a CBS reporter arrived, the store had changed the name in the sign to “Ozzy.”