by Jamie White

Communist nation is now allowing 3 children per couple to address aging population and economic slowdown.Marks a dramatic departure from the New World Order depopulation agenda and the Great Reset.

China has announced that married couples may have up to three children to reverse the communist country’s declining birthrates.

Beijing introduced a two-child limit in 2016 to hedge against its rapidly aging population and bolster economic activity, after having imposed a one-child policy since 1979.

“Birth policies will be further improved. Policy that allows a couple to have three children will be introduced with supporting measures, which will improve China’s population structure,” Xinhua reported. Those “supporting measures” will include lowering educational costs, and providing housing and tax support.

Recent census data showed that China’s population grew at its slowest rate during the last decade since the 1950s, to 1.41 billion.

Additionally, China had a fertility rate of just 1.3 children per woman in 2020, comparable to aging societies like Japan and Italy and far short of the 2.1 needed for replacement level.

The data therefore shows that China’s two-child policy has failed to create a surge in birthrates, likely due to the high cost of raising children in its major cities.

“People are held back not by the two-children limit, but by the incredibly high costs of raising children in today’s China. Housing, extracurricular activities, food, trips, and everything else add up quickly,” Yifei Li, a sociologist at NYU Shanghai, told Reuters.

“Raising the limit itself is unlikely to tilt anyone’s calculus in a meaningful way, in my view,” he added.

Notably, China had signed on to Henry Kissinger’s depopulation plan in the late 1970s under State Department memorandum 200, where it would set the standard for global population control with its one-child policy in exchange for industrial power, under the condition it doesn’t expand outside the South China Sea.

But the Chinese Communist Party under Chairman Xi Jinping’s direction has been flouting that deal with the West over the last decade, building up its military and expanding its empire in the South China Sea.

And now, with China announcing this 3-child policy, they are admitting that society collapses unless the average family has at least 2.1 children, so this policy shift marks a dramatic departure from the globalist eugenics plan as formulated by the Club of Rome and the Davos group’s Great Reset.

It also suggests that China has no intention of going along with carbon taxes or other “environmental” initiatives touted by the Western elite.

This is a powerful signal that China believes globalism is destined for the West, not for China and not the rest of the world.