“A law enforcement agency should never encourage anyone to break the law. It is grotesque and yet, they routinely do that,” says Fox News host.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the FBI’s efforts to persecute “Joe Biden’s political opponents” as a “nightmare” for civil liberties and a “threat” to democracy in America.

During his opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday, Carlson explained how the FBI routinely encourages individuals to break the law as part of honeytrap sting operations, citing the example of the FBI pressuring a pizza delivery driver Khalil Abu Rayyanto become a violent jihadist.

“The bureau had spent an entire year working to entrap a depressed pizza delivery boy and then created a honey trap to do it, but it still didn’t work,” Carlson explained. “After all of that, the Fed still did not have enough evidence to file terrorism charges against him. Nothing Rayyan had said was criminal.”

“In all, it was a thoroughly disgraceful chapter in the history of Federal law enforcement and CNN, to its credit seemed to understand that at the time. The channel pointed out that the FBI often does more than stop crimes, sometimes the FBI creates crimes quote, ‘Informants and agents don’t always play the role of passive listener. They may offer the suspect the opportunity to participate in a fictitious terror plot replete with fake bombs and real guns. Court documents show.’ And indeed court documents do show that and it’s wrong.”

“A law enforcement agency should never encourage anyone to break the law. It is grotesque and yet, they routinely do that,” he added.

Carlson then described the bombshell story by Revolver News revealing that the FBI deployed the same counterterrorism tactics against Trump supporters on the January 6th Capitol protest, resulting in hundreds having their civil liberties stripped away simply for being there.

“Dozens of suspects the FBI now says committed serious crimes on January 6 have not been charged with anything. They haven’t even been identified. Why is that? Well, likely because they were in contact with the FBI before they committed those crimes. That is the definition of corruption. You’re working for the FBI, so you’re not charged for a crime,” Carlson said.

“It is, also by the way, scary given the current climate, given that January 6th is now being used as a pretext to strip law-abiding Americans of their most basic civil liberties. So, given that, we have an absolute right to know exactly what happened that day and the FBI’s role in it.”

After showing an example of the FBI’s tactics in action via CNN, Carlson explained how the national security apparatus is shifting its focus away from foreign threats to Joe Biden’s political opponents.

“So, tell us again how the FBI would never have anything to do with the attack on the Capitol on January 6? What you just saw were some of the counterterrorism tactics the FBI adopted after 9/11, all of us saw it happen.”

“Now, the Bureau has changed its focus. It is no longer going after Islamic extremism, it is now going after Joe Biden’s political opponents. Those the domestic terrorists they’ve been telling you about.”

“This is a nightmare. It’s nightmare for civil liberties, it’s a threat to democracy itself. We should have seen it coming, we did not see it coming embarrassingly,” Carlson concluded.