by Zero Hedge

Social justice warrior and “woke” US women’s soccer team player turned Victoria’s Secret Angel (sigh) Megan Rapinoe – who has spent the better part of the last two years making the rounds on various late night talk shows (and the White House) to talk about how repressed she is and why women’s soccer players should be paid the same as men’s soccer players despite two different collective bargaining agreements – looks like she could be the quintessential example of ‘when you point one finger, three point back at you’. 

That’s because a Tweet has recently been unearthed where Rapinoe, supposedly a beacon of fighting for equality of all sorts, once posted a response to USWNT Olympic gold medalist Natasha Kai, where she wrote: “u look Asian with those closed eyes!”

And while we’re not ones to celebrate digging up old Tweets of people to rub back in their faces a decade later, that has become the textbook of the woke left, and so we can’t blame those who are holding Rapinoe to the same standards.

“Help, help. I’m being repressed!”

Meanwhile, Rapinoe’s insufferable virtue signaling had recently won her a “major corporate deal by becoming one of the faces of Victoria’s Secret,” according to Breitbart. She had also secured partnerships with brands like Nike. 

“I’ve been devalued, I’ve been disrespected and dismissed because I am a woman. And I’ve been told that I don’t deserve any more than less, because I am a woman,” Rapinoe said when she visited the White House earlier this year, in between cashing checks for her book deal. 

Former Trump White House Special Assistant Steve Cheung has already “issued a call for Rapinoe’s corporate sponsors to hold her accountable for the tweet,” the Breitbart article notes.

We can’t help but be assured that the left will not be holding Rapinoe to the same standards it would be holding anyone else in this situation. Instead, we’re sure she’ll escape from this unscathed, just in time to go on her next book tour.