by Adan Salazar

Footage confirms left wing agitators wore disguises to impersonate Trump supporters during Capitol riot.

Footage from January 6 shows a pair of left wing activists disguising themselves as Trump supporters in order to infiltrate that day’s ill-fated Trump rally in Washington DC.

In the footage uncovered by an independent journalist known as “L,” YouTube and TikTok comedians Walter Masterson and Peter Scattini dress up in pro-America attire in order to impersonate and “blend in” with protesters.

“I’m not fucking with you, you’ve got to blend in,” Masterson tells Scattini, who’s filming him.

“I know you can’t stomach wearing it [American flag mask], but you need to blend in. You need to have a visual identifier.”

Masterson next pulls out a clear plastic bag containing various network mic flags, including CNN, Fox News and OANN.

“I don’t know if we’re committing crimes doing this, but you know,” Scattini tells Masterson.

“They won’t trust you unless there’s a visual, like, there’s something visual,” Masterson says.

OAN correspondent Jack Posobiec confirmed a person in a screenshot appearing to be Masterson holding an OAN microphone was in fact an imposter who was not employed by the network.

“This is an imposter, I can personally confirm @OANN had no reporter or crew embedded within the Capitol Riot,” Posobiec responded, adding, “The covered face is also a dead giveaway”

Footage filmed by Masterson and Scattini shows them both well within the breached Capitol grounds near scaffolding on the West side of the Capitol building.

According to “L,” no charges stemmed from an FBI visit to both of the men in the video, however, Scattini claimed Masterson gave “them tips on how to infiltrate Trump rallies.”

While the pair may claim the footage was for satire or comedy’s sake, previous social media posts uncovered by “L” show Masterson has recently done reporting for left-wing org The Young Turks, and has made pro-Antifa and anti-Trump commentary, suggesting there’s a political motive behind the operation.

“L” also suspects Masterson and Scattini are only two people from a wider network of leftist activists dedicated to the same mission.

At the very least, the footage confirms the notion that left wing agitators wore disguises in order to embed themselves within the ranks of Trump supporters that day.