Influential podcast host highlights how US without ‘real leader’ because Biden not all there.

Podcast host Joe Rogan tore into Joe Biden during his show Thursday, pointing out the 78-year-old politician is in a state of severe mental decline that at this point can’t be denied.

Speaking to fellow comedian Eliza Shlesinger, Rogan discussed how the US wouldn’t be so “unhinged” if it was “anchored down by a real leader.”

“We don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore,” Rogan, whose podcast boasts a legion of loyal listeners, told Shlesinger.

“I mean, you could say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper, but everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s barely hanging in there.”

This isn’t the first time Rogan’s warned listeners about Biden’s ailing mental faculties.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Rogan, who supported Democrat Bernie Sanders for president, described how he believed Biden was “clearly in the throes of dementia.”

In another podcast last August, Rogan predicted voters would be “very uncomfortable with a man who seems to be mentally compromised winning the election and doing so by hiding.”

Rogan’s latest comments come as Biden addressed the press with a bizarre creepy loud whispering voice which left “reporters weirded out,” according to