“I can tell you they didn’t talk that way [when I was president] or I would have gotten rid of them in two minutes,” Trump said.

President Donald Trump blasted “pathetic” Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for defending the radical Marxist-driven ideology known as critical race theory.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Friday, Trump excoriated Milley and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday for indoctrinating America’s military ranks with far-left critical race theory as required reading.

“Gen. Milley, I watched his statement, it was pathetic,” Trump said. “I watched the statements of some others, the head of the Navy.”

Those military leaders “didn’t talk that way when I was around,” Trump noted. “I can tell you they didn’t talk that way or I would have gotten rid of them in two minutes. But in particular, (the head of the) Navy and Milley, just sad, pathetic statements.”

Milley had defended CRT during a Congressional hearing on Wednesday, adding that enlisted men need to understand “white rage” that he claimed led to the Capitol riot.

Trump added that if the Biden administration had its way, critical race theory – the belief that America is institutionally racist – would be taught in “every single school in America.”

“It existed during us and I ended it,” said Trump. “I would terminate it everywhere. It popped up its ugly head. We terminated it very strongly. I mean, we really went after it and it ended and as soon as they came in, they’re back to putting it up.”

Joe Biden’s administration is currently working on providing federal grants for schools that teach critical race theory drawn from anti-white racist activist Ibram X. Kendi.