by Kelen McBreen

Mini-documentary reveals BLM’s true agenda after one year of undercover research

Investigative journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz has released a mini-documentary exposing the true agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Horowitz talked with dozens of BLM activists and leaders, including one of the group’s organizers, Melina Abdullah.

Abdullah provided an interesting look into the mentality of BLM leadership, calling the destruction of Louisville, Minneapolis, Ferguson and NYC “freedom riots.”

Horowitz explained to viewers that dozens of people were killed and injured and thousands of businesses were burned down, with many of the deceased minorities and many of the businesses being minority-owned.

Damages from the riots are estimated to be up to $5 billion.

Ami talked with a pastor on the south side of Chicago to find out how the riots, which mostly took place in minority communities, affected the people living there.

Pastor Corey Brooks told Horowitz, “When people say they’re proud about the rioting and the looting that has gone on, it amazes me.”

“These are individuals who don’t understand the impact that it has on people who live in these communities,” he continued.

Brooks explained that when communities are already struggling economically, it’s crushing to have more businesses close down or leave town due to the rioting.

“The same black people that you’re saying you want to help are the same stores you’re rioting and looting,” Brooks said.

Next, Horowitz focused on BLM’s defund the police agenda, which has quickly turned into “abolish the police.”

“Nearly all of the BLM leadership have publicly called, not only to defund the police, but rather abolish them,” Ami noted.

When he asked original BLM organizer Melina Abdullah about abolishing the police, she claimed policing evolved from chattel slavery, saying people need to prepare “to completely dismantle the system of public safety.”

Of course, as Pastor Brooks told Horowitz, defunding or abolishing the police would impact communities of color most of all.

During the BLM riots of 2020, over 1,000 law enforcement officers were injured and over a dozen cops were shot.

Asked about the targeting and killing of police officers, Abdullah told Horowitz, “I can’t talk about that,” as a creepy Cheshire grin spread across her face.

Not only do BLM leaders want to destroy America’s judicial infrastructure, but also our economic infrastructure as their Marxist agenda directly opposes our free-market system.

Abdullah claimed capitalism is destroying America and that it “super-exploits” black people.

Despite the BLM organizer’s candid admissions during her interview with Ami, Abdullah revealed she actually held back due to “safety issues.”

“I probably would have been a lot more forthcoming,” she noted.

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