“Something has gone very wrong in the world. The whole medical bio-scientific underpinnings have been broken. We’re off our moorings,” says Dr. Peter McCullough.Medical institutions like the World Health Organization and the CDC have created a fear-based environment, not an evidence-based environment.

Texas A&M professor of medicine Dr. Peter McCullough warned that the world should brace for three to five years of “turmoil” due to the collapse of the medical establishment’s credibility which has instilled “fear” and “distrust” among the public over its COVID response.

Speaking on the Jerm Warfare podcast last week, McCullough claimed that the “underpinnings” of the medical community have been “broken,” which is causing unprecedented fear and anxiety in the world.

“I personally think that something has gone very wrong in the world. The whole medical bio-scientific underpinnings have been broken,” McCullough said. “We’re off our moorings. We’re not having evidence-based medicine. We’re not seeing reasonable conclusions being made. We’re not even seeing regulatory decisions being followed.”

McCullough gave the example of how the medical establishment no longer follows “regulatory decisions” with the PCR tests – which have just been recalled by the FDA – and the experimental mRNA shot they’re pushing on the public.

“There are regulatory decisions that say COVID-19 testing is only for sick people. That’s not being followed, because people are doing it for asymptomatic people,” he explained.

“The vaccines have been offered as an elective offering, and then they quickly mandated them. So we’re seeing things off their underpinnings right now.”

“There’s something going on in the minds of people,” he continued. “There’s almost a worldwide contagion of a neurosis. A neurosis is some type of disorder of thinking that’s spreading from person to person that’s probably more contagious than the virus is right now.”

“And this distorted thinking is rooted in fear, distrust, rooted in anxiety, and it’s spreading all over the world, making individuals come up with the most ridiculous decisions, like not treating the virus early, forcing vaccines on one another. having vaccines divide the workplace, in schools, dividing families, having people masks when they’re driving or jogging or swimming. This type of stuff makes no sense.”

McCullough said this ridiculous fear-based mindset by the world’s medical institutions will lead to several years of “turmoil” until the public regains trust in the medical community.

“I think we’re in for a 3-5 year period of turmoil. I think it’s mental turmoil in human beings. It’s really alarming,” he concluded. “It’s most alarming among colleagues of medicine, in medical institutions. The right decisions are not being made right now and people are being harmed.”

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