by Kelen McBreen

“I don’t want to live in some futuristic, dystopian, biomedical security state,” AG Schmitt declared.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt eviscerated a reporter who suggested the top state law enforcement officer use “fear” to coerce citizens into getting the experimental Covid injections.

During the Thursday press conference, a reporter asked Schmitt, “What would you say to somebody who says, ‘It’s a very sane thing to do, that we need to use the pressure of someone’s fear of losing their job to force them to get vaccinated for the good of the community?’”

“Yeah, if someone says that using fear is good, that is what every tyrant in the history of the world and dictator in the history of the world has ever said to accumulate, aggregate and maintain power,” the AG responded.

He continued, “This is America. The freest country in the history of the world and I don’t think that we should not be allowing individual politicians who want to grab power and never let go of it gain it in the first place.”

The Missouri official explained that he fears living in a society where bureaucrats can use technology to force-plunge needles into arms.

“People can make their decisions,” Schmitt stated. “I believe in freedom, I believe in responsibility, but people can make these very important decisions themselves. And, I don’t want to live in some futuristic, dystopian, biomedical security state.”

For those who may say AG Schmitt is just another anti-vaxxer, he spoke with reporters outside the state Capitol on Tuesday to explain that while he’s been vaccinated, he doesn’t want to push the decision on his constituents.

“I’ve answered this before,” he told a journalist. “I think you stalking candidates about it is creepy. But, yes, I have been vaccinated. It’s a personal decision. I think everybody should make that personal decision. I don’t think we should mandate vaccinations, I don’t think we should mandate passports, and I don’t think we should have lockdowns.”

Speaking with Fox Business‘s Stuart Varney on Tuesday evening, Schmitt said, “If you’ve been vaccinated & want to wear 6 masks & walk around a park by yourself all day long, this is America, God bless ya, go do it.”

As governments crack down on more and more freedoms, it’s imperative that elected officials and law enforcement stand up against tyranny and obey the oaths they swore to the U.S. Constitution.