by Adan Salazar

Parents vent frustration after far left teacher caught indoctrinating students with Marxist ideology.’There is no excuse for communism on American soil,’ said one community member.

Parents attending a California school board meeting were outraged over a recent exposé from Project Veritas revealing a far left teacher indoctrinating students with Marxist ideology.

On Wednesday, parents of students at the Natoma Unified School District in Sacramento took to the podium to vent frustration over AP Government teacher Gabriel Gipe, who admitted to an undercover Veritas reporter he was working to turn his students into Antifa revolutionaries.

“…You stand by this man, preaching Antifa and communism in our classrooms,” one parent stated, claiming there are 24 Sacramento students currently stranded in Afghanistan.

“A disgrace,” she stated.

“Any teacher or staff pushing anti-American hateful or political agendas against America on our students, families or communities, we want you out now. Not paid leave and not in a week or two, now!” she added.

“I was shocked when I saw this on the news. I don’t even hardly know what to say. Teaching communism in the public school system is evil, it is nonsense,” said another community member named David.

“There is no excuse for communism on American soil.”

A father named Amir questioned why the school district hadn’t yet reprimanded the teacher, and credited the Veritas reporter for exposing the indoctrination.

Hello members of the board. My name is Amir, my son is also here, he’s also a student in the Natomas Unified School District.

Everyone knows why we’re here. The indoctrination of our kids is unacceptable. There is a clear line in the sand that needs to be drawn. It’s funny, I’m sitting here waiting for my turn to speak and I see all the district goals and it seems like that teacher has violated every single one of those goals. And it does not seem there’s been any accountability to the brave Project Veritas reporter who came to alert the school of child abuse that’s happening.

I want to quote Mr. Gipes…the reporter asked how to get the students to do this? And I’m quoting, “I scare the fuck out of them.” That is child abuse. And…not only does his termination need to be taken effective immediately, but I believe a criminal investigation needs to happen. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

More importantly is the accountability….If a reporter who comes and dons press credentials and says, ‘We have a clear case of abuse, we want to show you this video,’ and they are turned away and the cops are called on them…you guys are public servants, were taxpayer-funded, we pay everything here. Right? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] It really comes down to accountability. Who is monitoring the classroom environment? Did somebody not go around and say what should be in the classroom? The only two flags that should be in a classroom are that one and that one. Nothing else.

I think we’re all pretty disgusted with the politics going on these days. It does not need to happen to my son who is heading to a public high school or anybody else. Thank you.

Footage of Gipe taken by Project Veritas showed him bragging about having an Antifa flag in his classroom, and accusing one student who felt uncomfortable over the flag of being a “fascist.”

eritas later found Gipe and asked him about the undercover footage.

Gipe, who was wearing a hammer and sickle tank top responded, “I don’t feel comfortable with this,” while accusing the reporter of harassment.

The district on Wednesday confirmed plans to fire Gipe.

See the full school board meeting here:

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