by Kelen McBreen

Politicization of medicine is putting lives at risk

During Thursday’s transmission of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, biologists Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein discussed the propaganda campaign against the Nobel Prize-winning drug ivermectin.

After Rogan announced last week he took ivermectin to treat his case of Covid, mainstream media attacked him and claimed he took “horse dewormer.”

The top podcast host and comedian even threatened to sue CNN over the dishonest allegations.

Refusing to bow to the will of the establishment, Rogan talked with the pair of biologists about how safe and effective ivermectin actually is.

Touching on ivermectin, Heying told Rogan’s audience, “It’s literally understood to have antibacterial and antiviral qualities and works against a lot of other RNA viruses like Zika and Dengue and Yellow Fever and no one is talking about that.”

She continued, “So, is it not as effective as some people think it is against Covid? Maybe, sure. But, is it dangerous? No, it’s been given hundreds of millions of doses. And, is it effective? It seems so, but given that it is safe, why aren’t we using it?”

Next, Rogan asked the guests to address fake news stories about people filling up hospitals and calling into poison control for overdosing on ivermectin.

A PhD toxicologist Weinstein talked with allegedly said it’s very unlikely that anybody is suffering severe adverse reactions due to an overdose of the drug.

Heying suggested stories of people calling into poison control centers could be true, but that they’re likely just “asking questions” and not necessarily “being poisoned.”

Meanwhile, a protease inhibitor similar to ivermectin is being produced by Big Pharma companies looking for a drug more profitable than the cheap drug currently produced by Merck & Co.

Regarding the new Covid drug being created, Weinstein said, “Who knows, it may work. Let’s say it does work, and maybe it runs into less resistance because it will be under patent and therefore profitable, one thing it definitely won’t be is something that we have enough experience with to know what its harms are.”

Ivermectin on the other hand has been used for 40 years and has been administered around four billion times, making it one of the safest drugs available to humans.

Simple conversations like this are what the information gatekeepers in the establishment fear more than anything.

In the open battlefield of ideas, the elite’s agenda cannot compete with science, data and all-around freedom, so instead, they silence those with opposing viewpoints.