by Infowars

September jobs report missed economist expectations by over 300,000.Biden left press conference refusing to take questions.

The US Labor Department released its latest jobs report for September, and it’s the worst jobs report of Biden’s presidency.

Economists estimated the September jobs report would show the US added 500,000 new jobs. The actual report missed that mark by over 300,000, coming in at just 194K jobs, the slowest job growth of 2021.

The report sent even Biden-friendly pundits reeling, with CNN of all places bluntly calling it “the worst of the year.”

CNBC panelists were shocked when they got the numbers saying, “Whoa,” and “That is real low.”

CNBC’s Steve Liesman tried to find a silver lining, but alas could not, admitting, “Declines in nursing…not the numbers that you need to put people back to work.”

Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo noted the report “missed economists’ expectations.”

Many blamed vaccine mandates for the low number.

Biden, meanwhile, tried to save face claiming the worst job report of his presidency (thus far) is actually “progress.” He delivered the address via a stage in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Building.

He then left without taking any questions.

The report is ironic in that Biden, just one night prior, celebrated thousands of workers losing their jobs as a result of vaccine mandates, claiming it was a positive thing because vaccination rates rose.

The abysmal report gave way to hilarious memes.