by Zerohedge

HBO show host Bill Maher is warning his audience of a Trump return to office after 2024, saying during a Friday segment, “I hope I scared the shit out of you.” He said Trump and his supporters are putting a “slow-moving coup” in place to assure victory.

“I’ve been saying ever since he lost, he’s like a shark that’s not gone, just gone out to sea,” Maher said. “But actually he’s been quietly eating people this whole time. And by eating people, I mean he’s been methodically purging the Republican Party of anyone who voted for his impeachment or doesn’t agree that he’s the rightful leader of the seven kingdoms.”

Maher continued: “President Biden is under extraordinary pressure to do something to stop the coup before his authority over the military and the Justice Department evaporates at noon of January 20th.”

“What happens when two presidential candidates show up on inauguration day, both expecting to be sworn in like a bad sitcom pilot? I hope I scared the shit out of you,” Maher added.

He claimed that team Trump is methodically putting the right players in place – particularly by purging the GOP of “RINO’s” or others who turned against him – and by endorsing loyal secretaries of state who manage elections all over the country.

“Don’t make me be, and I told you so again. You know, I was a young man of fifty-nine when I started using the term slow-moving coup, and it pains me to have to report it still moving,” Maher at one point says.

The segment went through Maher’s “nightmare scenario” of how such a Trump “coup” would play out, involving Republicans having in place slates of electors who would supposedly defy the will of voters. Vice President Kamala Harris would then face the prospect of certifying the vote.

If she didn’t, it would assure absolute chaos on inauguration day, according to Maher’s scenario. All of this is of course predicated on another January 6 scenario playing out again on an even bigger scale leading to a failed election, out of which Trump would emerge victorious.