Big Tech information gatekeepers fail to twist narrative due to documentary’s skyrocketing popularity.

Facebook’s “fact-checking” partner Lead Stories claims to have debunked the first installment of Infowars’ latest riveting documentary mini-series Covidland: The Lockdown.

In a tortuous 1,600-word “fact check” dedicated to the 94-minute film available at, the Chicom-backed Lead Stories laments Covidland “does not provide proof of global cabal’s machinations” and falsely claims the documentary spreads misinformation.

Via Lead Stories:

Does the first episode of “COVIDLAND” prove its claims that hospitals were not taxed by COVID-19 caseloads, death statistics were inflated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and that the PCR test is unable to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus accurately? No, that’s not true: Each of these claims, woven into the theory that a global cabal faked a pandemic, circulated in the early phases of the COVID-19 and has been refuted by publicly available evidence and by medical experts with clinical and lab experience with COVID. 

The protracted fact check goes on to gaslight readers about various points made in the documentary which do not align with the official narrative, including the fact that many hospitals were empty and not at capacity amid the height of the pandemic, the fact that Covid stats were artificially inflated, and the fact that PCR tests are inaccurate, which even the FDA has admitted.

An unpopular tweet by the organization promoting their latest Infowars fact check posted one day ago received zero likes and zero retweets.

Meanwhile, the Covidland documentary, available to stream for free at and FreeWorldNews.TV, has been viewed over 2.9 million times, as of writing.

As reported by Infowars, Lead Stories is funded in part by Beijing-based Chinese company ByteDance, LLC, which owns TikTok, and has been accused of censorship on behalf of the country’s communist government.

Lead Stories’ so-called “fact check” has enabled Facebook to flag and delete posts promoting Covidland.

Considering Covidland’s immense popularity, and the fact that Lead Stories is funded by China and conducts censorship on behalf of the Chicoms, it makes complete sense the organization is going after a movie that lays bare the shocking truth behind China and the globalists’ Covid bioweapon.

Watch the full COVIDLAND documentary here: