by Kelen McBreen

Exposed Big Pharma employee scurries when approached for questioning

A new Project Veritas video shows a top Pfizer employee scrambling for her front door as if she was being chased by an axe murderer when a reporter asked her a simple question.

“Are you Vanessa?” the reporter asked the Pfizer employee as she walked down the sidewalk.

The woman, Pfizer’s Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman, immediately took off running after the reporter talked to her.

Emails from Gelman were leaked earlier this month after a whistleblower exposed Pfizer’s attempts at covering up the use of aborted fetal tissue being used to create a Covid vaccine.

“Why did you send emails telling Pfizer employees not to report that you guys were using fetal cell lining miss?” the Veritas reporter asked as Gelman scurried into her home.

The reporter also asked, “What else are you hiding from the public today?”

The Pfizer research head was obviously freaked out about being confronted on camera.

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