Sleepy Joe speaks to parents “anxiously” waiting to vaccinate their young children

Joe Biden promised Americans who are “anxious” to inject their young children with experimental mRNA shots that his administration has enough jabs to go around.

“Now I know parents, uh… out there are anxiously waiting for a vaccine for children ages five to eleven,” he said. “The good news is, the FDA and outside experts from the CDC are set to make its determination as to whether the vaccine will be authorized for that age range in the next few weeks.”

Biden continued, “If authorized, we are ready. We have purchased enough vaccines for all children between the ages of 5 and 11, in the United States. It will be convenient for parents to get their children vaccinated at trusted locations, and families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected as well.”

An FDA advisory committee will meet on Oct. 26 to discuss a request from Pfizer and BioNTech who want emergency authorization for Americans aged 5-11 to take the experimental jabs.