by Adan Salazar

Leftists rush to defend Big Pharma after Fox News reporter questions long-term Covid vaccine effectiveness.

A tweet by Fox News reporter John Roberts questioning vaccine effectiveness following the high-profile death of fully-vaccinated Colin Powell drove blue checkmark liberals into hysterics on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Roberts made the common-sense observation that Powell’s death from a breakthrough Covid-19 infection raises questions about the vaccine’s long-term efficacy.

“The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough COVID infection raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term,” the White House correspondent tweeted.

In a Facebook post Monday, Powell’s family made it a point to note the fact that Powell was “fully vaccinated.” The post received a Facebook vaccine advisory.

There’s no question vaccine efficacy wanes over time; that’s the entire argument behind booster jabs.

Despite the very serious possibility there may be a vaccine link to the death, Roberts’ tweet was assailed by outraged Big Pharma shill leftists who went to work attempting to discredit the statement, claiming he ignored Powell’s age, 84, and the fact that he was fighting cancer.

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