by Zerohedge

Liberal comedian Bill Maher declared on Friday that that pandemic is ‘over,’ and that people need to ‘resume living’ because there’s always going to be a Covid-19 variant.

“Just resume living,” Maher told the audience of ‘Real Time’ on HBO. “I know some people seem to not want to give up on the wonderful pandemic, but you know what? It’s over. There’s always going to be a variant. You shouldn’t have to wear masks… I haven’t had a meeting with my staff since March of 2020. Why?”

“Also, vaccines, masks. Pick one! You’ve got to pick. You can’t make me mask if I’ve had the vaccine,” he added. “I saw it today, people outside alone, walking with a mask. It’s so stupid. It’s an amulet. A charm people wear to ward away evil spirits. It means nothing.”

“Can’t we get people to understand the facts more?”

Maher wasn’t alone – as guest Caitlin Flanagan joked that she’s “broken up” with Covid-19, adding “It’s not working for me anymore.”

Pushing back was Sen. Chris Coons (D-CT), who argued that the pandemic was still a giant problem.

“So in the United States, in most of the western world, we’re ready to be done with this, but we’re not done until the world is safe and we’re not safe as a world until the world’s vaccinated,” said Coons…

…to which Maher shot back: “Except the world recognizes natural immunity, we don’t,” adding “Because everything in this country has to go through the pharmaceutical companies. Natural immunity is the best kind of immunity. We shouldn’t fire people who have natural immunity because they don’t get the vaccine.

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