by Kelen McBreen

“I say the next time this fuckhead gets injured on the field, they should bring in Joe Rogan to fix the bones,” Stern said.

Radio host and habitual moron Howard Stern delivered a profanity-laced diatribe to his listeners on Monday directed towards Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Despite admitting, “I don’t watch football, sorry I’m not a big fan,” Stern decided to give his two cents on the recent drama surrounding the NFL MVP.

Essentially, Rodgers caught Covid-19 and revealed he’s unvaccinated and that he consulted Joe Rogan and a team of medical professionals to treat the virus.

Speaking at length with the Pat McAfee podcast last week, Rodgers eviscerated the mainstream media narrative surrounding Covid, vaccines and the NFL’s ridiculous protocols.

Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina shared clips of Monday’s Howard Stern broadcast showing the liberal host to be extremely triggered by Rodgers’ personal medical decision.

“I was so worked up over the weekend about this fucking Aaron Rodgers of the NFL,” Stern said. “I don’t even know where to begin with that story. I mean this fucking guy. I don’t watch football, sorry I’m not a big fan, I know the guy is a real good football player, that’s why they put up with his bullshit.”

The radio shock jock continued, “If there was decency in this world, you know, I would throw this guy out of the football league so fast. What he did to his fellow teammates… and you know bravo Terry Bradshaw for what you said and everyone else who has half a brain in this country, but this fucking guy, they should throw him out of the league so fast.”

Stern oddly equated Rodgers to former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs who recently killed a 23-year-old woman after he drove into her vehicle at 156 miles per hour.

The SiriusXM host added, “Aaron Rodgers, come on dude, really? You know, that whole bullshit game, ‘Yeah, I have the antibodies.’ Now, first of all, I don’t know where these guys get their information from. At the press conference he said he got his information from Joe Rogan.”

Does Stern think antibodies are fake or somehow irrelevant when it comes to Covid-19?

Also, while Rodgers did say he talked with Rogan about his Covid recovery protocol, the quarterback also stated multiple times that he worked with a team of medical professionals in order to choose the treatment that best fit his body.

Another key point Stern omitted is the fact that Rodgers explained he didn’t take either mRNA vaccine because he’s allergic to some of the ingredients.

“I don’t know why he’s wasting his time on football, he’s such a great researcher, he should go into the medical field,” Howard quipped. “I say the next time this fuckhead gets injured on the field, they should bring in Joe Rogan to fix the bones…. He’ll fix him up. Give him some ivermectin.”

For those of you who actually appreciate context, check out the full Aaron Rodgers interview on The Pat McAfee Show.

The establishment does not want people to see this epic conversation:

Stern has been extremely hostile to anyone who pushes back against the experimental Covid jab rollout.

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