New Virginia governor vows to investigate wrongdoing in Loudon County, and declare the Commonwealth “open for business.”

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Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin (R) moved to ban critical race theory and federal COVID vaccine mandates in a series of executive orders hours after he was sworn in on Saturday.

“Parents should have a say in what is taught in school, because in Virginia, parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their child’s upbringing, education and care,” Youngkin said in his inaugural address. “To parents I say we respect you. And we will empower you in the education of your children.”

Youngkin then vowed to ban critical race theory from schools statewide, and keep schools open amid the COVID hysteria.

“We will remove politics from the classroom and re-focus on essential math, science and reading,” Youngkin said. “And we will teach all of our history the good and the bad.”

“Let me be clear: We MUST keep our children in school five days a week,” he added.

Youngkin reportedly signed 11 executive orders on his first day in office, including allowing parents to opt out of mask mandates in Virginia schools, withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and ending “the use of divisive concepts, including critical race theory, in public education.”

Additionally, one of his executive actions orders an investigation into potential “wrongdoing” in Loudon County schools, presumably in reference to the county’s school system covering up the rape of a girl by a transgender student.

Watch Youngkin’s full speech: