Another example of how puppet president has zero control at the White House.

Another bizarre episode from the Biden White House shows Joe Biden’s handlers quickly clear out reporters as soon as he tries to take a few questions.

After a roundtable with governors on Monday, Biden volunteered to answer a couple questions, but his handlers shut that down and immediately ushered reporters out of the event.

Why are Biden’s handlers so afraid of what Biden has to say unscripted?

Maybe it has something to do with his recent disastrous press conference, where he made numerous gaffes and awkward statements for nearly two hours, resulting in his already record-low approval dropping another two points.

In fact, White House press secretary Jen Psaki even admitted she was considering “cutting him off” during that humiliating presser.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Biden’s handlers openly undermined him and took control of his events.

Just a few months ago, Biden’s handlers cut off his mic while he was awkwardly answering questions.

They also cut off his mic in March in the middle of his sentence.

It’s clear that Biden isn’t in control at the White House.

The real question is — who is?

Watch Biden’s full roundtable: