Vowing to become energy independent while begging uninterested Saudi theocrat elites for more oil

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Joe Biden keeps talking about the U.S. needing to become energy independent, however reports have claimed he attempted to call the Saudi and United Arab Emirates governments to ask for a ramp up in oil production, but they refused to take his calls.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden White House has attempted to arrange calls with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the U.A.E.’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan but neither was willing to talk to Biden.

The report notes:

“There was some expectation of a phone call, but it didn’t happen,” said a U.S. official of the planned discussion between the Saudi Prince Mohammed and Mr. Biden. “It was part of turning on the spigot [of Saudi oil].”

The report also notes that the Saudis and the UAE will only play ball if the U.S. agrees to support their civilian nuclear program and continued intervention in the Yemeni civil war.

While Biden is claiming that the energy price hikes will motivate the U.S. to shift to clean energy, Tucker Carlson pointed out Tuesday that the Ukraine crisis is being used as an excuse to forward the disastrous ‘green’ energy agenda at the expense of ‘crushing the middle class’ in the U.S.

“Because Putin invaded Ukraine, effectively encouraged by the Biden administration to do that, which is true, because that happened, we are going to send billions of dollars to the Saudi theocracy and then to the Iranians and then to Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and at the same time, we’re going to embrace green energy, which means giving the government of China complete control over a power grid here in America,’ Carlson warned.

“That’s our plan. Are you confused by it? Don’t be. It’s a moral victory. Let us know when you get tired of winning.” Carlson added.


GOP Congressman Jim Jordan charged Tuesday that “the Democrats want $7 gas,” adding that in hearings a few months back the Party leadership “had the oil and gas executives there in front of them, and badgered every one of them, asking them one simple question: ‘Will you pledge to decrease production this year?’”

“That’s why [Biden is] talking to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and Iran, for goodness sake,” Jordan urged.

He also pointed to the release of Saudi prisoner Mohammad Ahmad al-Qahtani, suspected of playing a part in planning 9/11, from the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, noting “We’re going to release this terrorist, this prisoner, the same time the president of the United States is asking Saudi Arabia to increase production.”

“We have the spectacle of the president of the United States begging OPEC to increase production, talking to Iran, talking to Saudi Arabia, talking to Venezuela, instead of doing the common sense thing…” Jordan said, calling for increasing domestic drilling and energy infrastructure.


Others, including Ted Cruz responded to Biden’s claims that gas prices have sky rocketed owing to the Ukraine conflict:

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