by Steve Watson

62% said they believe Putin would not have invaded if President Trump had been reelected

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A HarrisX poll has revealed that most Americans see Joe Biden as a primary reason Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

The survey found that 58% of Americans believe Biden’s toothlessness has prompted Vladimir Putin to push ahead with the conflict.

A further 62% of Americans said they believe Putin would not have dared to take military action if President Trump had been reelected.

Respondents were asked if “Russia’s attack on Ukraine makes you more or less likely to vote for one party or another in the 2022 mid-term elections,” with 36 percent saying they’re more likely now to vote Republican and 24 percent say they’re more likely to vote Democrat. A further 31 percent said it will not impact their vote. 

Perhaps the most significant finding came among independents, with 31 percent saying they are more likely to vote Republican in the midterms because of Biden’s handling of Ukraine, while just 13 percent said they are more likely vote Democrat now.

“Voters believe that Biden has projected weakness to Putin with the slow rollout of economic sanctions,” said Dritan Nesho, the chief pollster and CEO of HarrisX.

Nesho added that “If the Ukraine crisis drags on and is top of mind leading to the midterms, it looks like voters — especially independents — will punish Democratic leaders for slow and tepid actions.”

Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly covered the poll:

The poll also found that more than two thirds, 69 percent, want Biden to focus less on ‘green’ energy and more on oil and natural gas exploration in the U.S.

That finding doesn’t correlate with the likes of CNN and The Washington Post declaring that most Americans are willing to pay more for gas so long as it helps the war effort against Putin:

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