by Kelen McBreen

Clinton plays stupid when publicly challenged

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Project Veritas journalist approached Hillary Clinton during a luncheon this week and asked her about the outlet’s recent legal victory against a Democrat group connected to the former presidential candidate.

Shirley Teter, the woman who sued Project Veritas for defamation after they exposed the political organization Democracy Partners in 2016, was ordered by a judge earlier this week to pay for Veritas‘ legal expenses.

After being asked about the judge’s ruling ordering Teter to pay the legal fees, Clinton responded, “I don’t understand that,” as if she disagreed with the judge’s decision to side with Project Veritas.

Lawyers representing Teter caused the judge presiding over the case to become suspicious when one of them said they weren’t “paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign” despite the fact nobody made that accusation.

“Mr. Sasser only raised more questions by his unsolicited statement specifically disclaiming that the lawsuit was being funded by the Clinton campaign or the Democratic Party,” said Judge Reidinger.

When the journalist told Hillary that Teter was “linked to Democracy Partners,” ran by her “good friend Bob Creamer,” the failed presidential candidate claimed she doesn’t know who Creamer is.

Creamer resigned from his position as the head of Democracy Partners after Project Veritas exposed the Clinton-linked organization for inciting violence at campaign rallies.

Since Teter is connected to Democracy Partners the journalist talking to Hillary asked if she’d pay for Teter’s nearly $16,000 in legal bills.

Ignoring the question about Teter, Hillary again claimed, “I don’t know Bob Creamer.”

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