by Kelen McBreen

While others waited, one woman took action

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday on a mother’s journey to save her children from harm’s way during Tuesday’s horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The mom, Angeli Rose Gomez, heard about the shooting at her children’s school and immediately left work, 40 minutes from Uvalde.

After a 40-minute drive, Gomez arrived on campus and tried to persuade law enforcement on the scene to go save the kids in the school.

However, the frantic mother was handcuffed and placed under arrest for interfering with a police investigation.

“The police were doing nothing,” she explained. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

While under arrest, Gomez convinced local police officers she knew personally to let her go.

After she was uncuffed, Gomez left the area where most parents and police were concentrated and hopped a fence to sneak onto campus.

Gomez successfully entered the school, found her two children and got them off the campus without an incident.

Political commentator and journalist Cassandra MacDonald wrote on Twitter, “This mom is an MVP. Unleashing the moms and dads would have taken this guy out so much faster. Someone give her a medal.”

The police response to the situation has been under scrutiny by many in the media, and as one Twitter user pointed out, Ms. Gomez was able to save her children before law enforcement despite having to bypass several obstacles.

“Remember she had to drive 40 minutes to get to Uvalde from work, get arrested, talk her way out of cuffs, escape, jump the fence and rescue her kids, avoid re arrest dragging two traumatized children, all before the cops were ready to do anything.”

Gomez recalled one father being tased by a police officer because he was trying to enter a school bus to check on his child.

“They didn’t do that to the shooter, but they did that to us. That’s how it felt,” Ms. Gomez said.

Eventually, after the shooter barricaded himself in a room with students for around 40 minutes, an elite Border Patrol tactical unit called Bortac was able to unlock the door and kill the suspect.

While the left comes after guns in response to these tragedies, it’s arming more good-hearted people that will help prevent some of these incidents.