Donald Trump and Ivanka have not been seen together in more than 521 days, according to reports.

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There has long been speculation that Melania Trump, wife of the 45th president, and his former special adviser, Ivanka – Trump’s daughter by his first wife Ivana – shared a mutual loathing. Recently, their relationship was thrown into the spotlight once again.

Former First Lady Melania Trump urged her husband to distance himself from his daughter, Ivanka, well before the first primetime hearing of lawmakers investigating the 6 January riot at the US Capitol, reported

“Even before the hearing, Ivanka had been iced by Melania despite living almost around the corner from each other in Florida,” an insider was cited as revealing.

The former President lives in Palm Beach, Florida, and Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner live at a six-bedroom mansion just an hour away. However, Trump and the daughter of his first wife, Ivana, have not been seen together in more than 521 days, according to the outlet.

The last time Ivanka was seen with Donald Trump is believed to have been at a rally in Georgia on January 4 last year during the president’s last days in office.

Having had a “monumental falling-out” with her father, the former ‘first daughter’ allegedly “barely speaks to him anymore”.

“Ivanka and Jared no longer want to be associated with Donald, and they’ve made that very clear behind-the-scenes,” claimed an insider. It was added:

“Ivanka knew her dad was going to criticise her but there is little she can do. If she or Jared are to have any legitimacy or credibility moving forward, they need to dissociate themselves from MAGA (Make America Great Again)”.

Ivanka Trump, 40, was a senior adviser in the Trump administration, as well as a director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship.

She was flung into the spotlight recently after the House Select Committee to Investigate the 6 January attack on the United States Capitol laid out some of its preliminary findings in its first prime-time hearing on 9 June. As it presented evidence, ranging from public testimonies by key figures to documentary footage of the events in question, a video testimony from Trump’s former adviser Ivanka was offered.

The clip of recorded testimony showed Ivanka saying that she had accepted former attorney-general Bill Barr’s conclusion that allegations of voter rigging in the November 2020 presidential election had “zero basis”.

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