Democrat Dana Nessel’s comments proof of Democrats attempting to indoctrinate children with LGBTQ agenda

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Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel reportedly stated she’d like to see a “drag queen for every school” during an event Wednesday.

Rebuking Republican efforts to ban parents from taking children to drag queen shows, Nessel said that “Drag queens make everything better,” and “Drag queens are fun!” during a civil rights conference in Lansing, according to The Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger.

“She acknowledged the ‘drag queen for every school’ line had not been poll-tested,” Mauger added, saying she was “speaking out against what she describes as efforts to divide people.”

While Nessel’s comments are proof of Democrat efforts to indoctrinate children into the LGBTQ agenda, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, meanwhile, stated Wednesday that if elected she plans to sign a bill outlawing children from attending drag shows.

“This is a problem when you are starting to expose children to this sexual activity at this young age,” Dixon said during an interview with Newsmax. “My child doesn’t need to be accepting of people’s differences through sexualization. I can teach my child that people are different and we love people, no matter what their differences are without sexualizing my child, and I think that’s the concern of many parents.”

Dixon also highlighted Nessel’s comments on Twitter, stating the attorney general “‘proudly’ announced she is coming for our kids.”

“When I am governor, schools will answer to local parents, not progressive activists, drag queens, and trans-supremacists,” Dixon tweeted.

“The days of radical activist politicians sexualizing our kids are over,” she added.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made a similar commitment to introduce legislation “to make it illegal for children to be exposed to Drag Queen performances.”

The Republican blowback comes as footage from multiple “family-friendly” Pride Month festivities have shown children being targeted and even forced to participate in drag and gay events.