by Adan Salazar

Democrat mayor’s profane outburst elicited cheers from liberal audience in attendance.

Justice Thomas targeted after stating court could revisit previous decisions on gay marriage, sodomy and contraceptives.

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashed out at SCOTUS’ overturn of Roe v. Wade Saturday, directing vulgar expletives at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at a public speaking event.

The incident happened at a Pride in the Park festival held at Chicago’s Grant Park over the weekend, where Lightfoot was on stage explaining her frustration with the 6-3 decision ending federal abortion protections.

“So we know what happened in the Supreme Court yesterday. If you read Clarence Thomas’ concurrence, he said…,” Lightfoot uttered before an audience member interrupted her, shouting, “Fuck Clarence Thomas!”

“Thank you,” she responded, adding, “Fuck Clarence Thomas!”

“He thinks we’re gonna stand idly by while he takes our rights, our rights to marry, our rights to have children!” she added.

The profane outburst elicited cheers from the liberal audience in attendance.

As noted by the Gateway Pundit, Lightfoot’s tasteless cursing directed at a sitting SCOTUS justice comes just weeks after she issued a “call to arms” for the LGBTQ community to mobilize against the Supreme Court, urging supporters to “fight” back.

The outcome of this violent rhetoric was witnessed earlier this month when a deranged leftist went to the home of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh armed with a knife and gun and admitted he intended to kill the judge over possible upcoming rulings.

Meanwhile, Justice Thomas has found himself the target of the far left’s ire after his opinion made clear the court in the future could revisit their previous decisions on gay marriage, sodomy and contraceptives.