These are the types of people being appointed to rule over the lives of the average person

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A British professor named Susan Michie who has been a member of the Communist Party of Britain for years has been appointed to the chair of the World Health Organization’s behavioral advisory group.

Harrison Smith covered the insane promotion of the far-left European during Tuesday morning’s broadcast of “The American Journal.”

“She has now been given a top job at the World Health Organization,” Harrison said of Michie. “That’s right, a British communist who wanted face masks to be worn forever has been handed an influential role at the World Health Organization.”

The Daily Mail reported on Michie’s appointment, writing, “She famously called for masks and social distancing to remain ‘forever’ in an interview with Channel 5 last year and regularly spouted alarmist predictions on BBC News, which sparked questions about the broadcaster’s objectivity.”

The global elite aren’t even trying to hide their far-left political bias at this point.