by Adan Salazar

Mob of disgruntled trans protesters drowned out woman’s voice as she outlined her opposition to new gender policies.

Elderly woman was banned from YMCA pool after asking man in women’s locker room to leave.

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An elderly woman was heckled by an angry group of trans-supporting activists as she attempted to recount her experience being kicked out of her local pool after she reacted to a man changing in the women’s locker room.

Julie Jaman, 80, was reading a prepared statement Monday in Port Townsend, Washington, discussing the Mountain View pool’s decision to ban her after she asked a man who was in the women’s locker room as she changed to leave.

However, no sooner had she started speaking than a mob of disgruntled trans protesters came and drowned her voice out.

“I’m the old lady. You may have read some version of my personal experience, a naked old lady in the women shower room and what I saw that day,” Jaman stated during her speech, according to the Daily Mail.

“The CEO of the YMCA told me pride posters are adequate to let people know, women know, what to expect in the shower room known for 60 years as a female only.”

“One will now encounter men who identify as women undressing and showering with female humans. I object,” the 35-year pool member said, adding, “I don’t want to be forced to shower and dress with the opposite sex present.”

Not only was Jaman’s speech interrupted, but she also appeared intimidated and fearful of the angry mob shouting “trans rights are human rights” and “trans women are women.”

As the crowd grew more rowdy, Jaman said, “I wish the police were here to keep everybody in order. We’ll have to call the police department. Are we gonna get beaten up here? Can somebody call the police please.”

She continued, “You can see why it’s so necessary to have safe spaces for women. This is truly an embarrassing subject, biology trumps ideology.”

“Privacy, safety, dignity for female human beings is required when dressing and showering no less is acceptable.”

Jaman’s speech stemmed from an incident last month where she asked “trans” YMCA employee Clementine Adams to leave after spotting him in the women’s locker room.

“She said that she asked Adams if she had a penis, and [he] said it was ‘none of her business’, so she asked them to leave,” reports the Daily Mail.

After she complained to YMCA aquatics manager Rowen DeLuna, she was asked to leave and told she was “discriminating” and would be “banned from the pool forever.”

A spokesperson for the Olympic Peninsula YMCA added, “We will not tolerate bias, hatred, or discrimination that leads to the oppression of individuals or communities…We will ensure sustained and meaningful progress toward equity and human dignity for all.”

Earlier this month, Jaman presented her case to her local city council asking them to enact policies that will help protect women and children.

“In an effort by the city and the YMCA to apply the neocultural gender rules at Mountain View pool, dressing/shower room facilities women and children are being put at risk,” she told council members.

“My experience while showering after my swim was hearing a man’s voice in the women’s dressing area and seeing a man in a women’s swimsuit watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room. I reacted by telling him to leave, and the consequence is I’ve been banned by the pool.”

The crowd went wild after her speech.

The Daily Mail notes Jaman’s incident sparked an “LGB drop the T” movement:

The incident has sparked a talking point within the LGBTQ+ community, with some arguing that the trans activist behaviour should not reflect the rest of the community.

Many agreed with Jaman, with one sharing the footage on twitter before saying: ‘To any LGB people wondering why LGB should drop the T, it’s because of stuff like this.

‘These are the people you’re sharing an acronym with.

‘Like it or not, their behaviour reflects on you. It’s not fair, but it’s reality. That’s why LGB should drop the T.’