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‘How much of that money is going to the migrants? Oh, none’

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Tucker Carlson on Friday night mocked the residents of Martha’s Vineyard for their response to the arrival of 50 Venezuelan migrants, and pointed out that the $43,000 raised in a GoFundMe was not even going directly to those affected.

The migrants were flown to the holiday island from Texas on Wednesday, on flights chartered by Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis. On Friday morning, the 50 left Martha’s Vineyard, bound for a Cape Cod air base which was better equipped to house them.

Carlson laughed at the residents for what he saw as hysteria over the newcomers, and noted that their donations to help were not being used to help the immediate situation.

‘It’s one of the richest places in the United States and it has more available beds than any other place probably in North America right now, but it’s just they can’t swing it – but you can do your part by donating to the fund, and by donating the fund, they’ll help the migrants,’ Carlson said. 

‘Well, a lot of people believed it. The fund raised $40,000 – but here’s the best part. You’re going to love this part. 

‘How much of that money is going to the migrants? Oh, none. None. 

‘An update on the fundraising page reveals that the funds will instead go toward, ”building up a reserve to assist situations like this in the future, rather than directly helping this group of migrants in their situation.”

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