by Jamie White

The Infowars founder has been a leading voice against the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan to collapse the world into a serfdom for the New World Order.

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Infowars founder Alex Jones was honored with a standing ovation during a Turning Point USA event dedicated to “Defeating the Great Reset.”

During the event in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk introduced Jones, who appeared virtually from his studio in Austin, Texas, to raucous applause.

Jones, whose new book “The Great Reset And The War For The World” has become a best-seller, explained how the globalists’ war on food and farming is a key tenet of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda.

“In more than 100 countries like Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, they’re announcing shutdowns that started three years ago of almost all farming, any nitrogen-based fertilizer that’s totally healthy and good, they already announced within six years they’re going to ban 80% of cows,” Jones told the audience.

“That’s why [WEF founder] Klaus Schwab says you will have no beef, you’ll own nothing and you’ll like it, you’re gonna eat the bugs.”

Jones added that the Democrats’ Green New Deal farce and war against fossil fuel is central to the Great Reset plan, calling it the “queen” in the New World Order’s diabolical game of chess against humanity.

TPUSA’s “Defeat the Great Reset” event was organized to bring attention to the World Economic Forum’s plan to eradicate private ownership and shift the global economy into a communist system in the name of fighting climate change.

From the event website:

Coined by the WEF (World Economic Forum) the Great Reset it is a political, social, economic, and environmental plan to entirely “reimagine” the priorities of society. The ideology implementation has sparked massive protests throughout Europe for limiting energy independence, shutting down farming operations, and limiting private ownership. The WEF aims to “implement long-overdue reforms that promote more equitable outcomes,” and most notoriously, they want people by 2030 to, “own nothing and be happy.

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” poses one of the most dangerous threats to individual freedom, national sovereignty, divinely-ordained rights, and free enterprise that the world has ever seen. The Great Reset must be stopped—and Turning Point USA is leading the charge.

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon, Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, and independent reporter Drew Hernandez also spoke at the event to lay out the WEF’s disastrous Great Reset agenda that’s now unfolding across the globe.