‘It’s continued to get worse since he was candidate,’ says former White House Physician to the President.

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The Biden administration isn’t being straight with the American people about the current president’s cognitive decline, former Obama White House physician Ronny Jackson says.

The doctor-turned-GOP US House Rep for Texas told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo over the weekend there are numerous indications Biden’s mentally unfit to hold office.

“You know, it’s continued to get worse since he was candidate Joe Biden,” Jackson said when asked his opinion on the president’s “mental capacity.”

Illustrating his point, Jackson highlighted an instance where Biden bizarrely held hands with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) as he entered the Detroit Auto Show last week.

“When I first started talking about this, the American people have continued to have questions about a lot of his bizarre behaviors, this holding hands thing is one of them, the way he makes up stories, and he just repeatedly tells the stories that everyone has documented are not true, that happens pretty frequently,” Jackson said. “He has these emotional outbursts. He shuffles when he walks. He slurs his speech. He always looks frail and fragile. I just think it’s continued to get worse and worse.”

The former White House doctor, who previously gave President Donald Trump a clean bill of health and remarked on his “incredible genes,” went on to say Democrats and the media are finding it exceedingly difficult to hide, or explain away Biden’s nearly daily blunders.

“I think that now the Democrats and the mainstream media now are starting to say, ‘we can’t ignore this a whole lot longer.’ At some point or another, we’re going to have to address this, we’re going to have to explain to the American people what’s going on, you know,” Jackson told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I have to ask them multiple times to see his complete medical record for the American people to see it for him to do cognitive tests, like President Trump had done to reassure the American people that he can do this because we’re headed down… a bad path, something bad is gonna happen domestically here in this country with the potential terrorists crossing our border, or something bad is gonna happen overseas from a national security standpoint,” he continued.

The doctor, who served while Biden was vice president to Obama, warned unless the White House comes clean with the American people on Biden’s poor mental health American lives could be put in danger

“We’re gonna get lots of Americans killed. And that’s when people will really want to dig in and see what’s going on. It’ll be too late then. We need to we need to make sure he can do his job. And I honestly don’t think that he can.”