by Adan Salazar

Popular automotive YouTubers encounter major problems while testing GMC’s new line of EV Hummers.

Man Left Stranded in Middle of the Road by His $115K Hummer Electric Truck

GMC’s EV Hummers take several days to reach a full charge with provided equipment and may leave you stranded in traffic.

That’s according to a couple of YouTube automotive reviewers who’ve tested the vehicle and experienced disastrous results.

The tests come as President Joe Biden promoted the Hummer EV at a General Motors electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit last November, prompting buyers to reserve over 125K of the ~$113K vehicles.

In one video by popular automotive tech channel The Fast Lane Truck, the GMC Hummer EV left the vehicle’s driver in a precarious situation when it appeared to experience a software malfunction in the middle of a busy street.

“Hey guys, I’m very unhappy. I’m in a brand new Hummer in traffic and the truck has taken a complete dump and it will not go into gear and it won’t go out of gear and I’ve tried a restart I can’t open the trunk because it doesn’t work,” one man stated as he experienced the inconvenient issue.

“I’m pretty pissed off right now and I’m pretty nervous about, you know, the traffic…that this truck has left me in.”

The man dangerously exited the vehicle, which by this time had the assistance of a police emergency vehicle, and showed how the Hummer’s key fob would not activate the vehicle’s hood to access the battery.

“You know if it wasn’t for the police officer behind me, I’d be in a very precarious location,” acknowledged the YouTuber.

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The man shows how he’s even unable to open the hood to restart the vehicle’s battery manually.

“You know why can’t you open the hood, what is wrong, why is the software taking such a dump? You can’t even open the hood and maybe try to reboot the 12v battery. They sealed the battery hermetically; very dangerous,” he stated.

In another issue documented by popular YouTuber TFLEV and highlighted by Fox News’ Jesse Watters, the Hummer EV is immensely impractical as a full charge of the vehicle with the provided Level 1 charger from a depleted battery would take 4 days from the initial charge.

“But if you don’t want to wait four days to charge your truck, you can also buy special equipment,” Watters reported. “A 240-volt level 2 charger that’s going to set you back 500 bucks plus around 1,000 just to install it.”

“Even then the charging is not so fast,” he added.

With a Juice Box level 2 charger, TFLEV notes the Hummer would still take about 24 hours to reach a full charge.

“‘Dad, can we go somewhere?’ ‘I’m sorry, give me 24 hours,’” joked Watters.

It would seem the solution for Hummer EV drivers would be to purchase a level 3 supercharger to maintain their vehicle’s drive time, however those types of chargers set consumers back $35,000.

Watters goes on to dissect how the electric vehicles are not only impractical on the road, but are also more harmful to the environment than their “fossil fuel-consuming” counterparts.

“So aside from charging about as fast as a turtle, there is other things Joe didn’t seem to think about in his Hummer fantasy,” Watters stated. “What would happen if a family had one of these electric cars in Florida when the power went out…because of the hurricane and you have to flee? It’s not like you could stock up on gas.”

“Not to mention going green means more inflation,” Watters added. “These batteries, solar and wind, require massive amounts of energy. Like nearly 2,000% more nickel than fossil fuels used for the same amount of energy, More lithium, graphite, steel….That’s just gonna increase our reliance on China. They have all these natural minerals needed to make all these EVs happen.

“And what happens when everyone is charging their EVs, and electrical grid is overwhelmed? Well it happened already in California,” Watters said, noting how the state warned consumers not to charge vehicles as the power grid was overwhelmed during the hot summer months.

Clearly GMC’s EVs are outstandingly dysfunctional, and need to go back to the drawing board instead of being marketed to the American public.