by Kelen McBreen

Journalist tried to get board members to take petition calling for them to be fired.

‘Which one of you woke cowards is going to take this petition?’ he asked the school board.

Rebel News reporter David Menzies crashed the Halton District School Board meeting in Ontario, Canada this week wearing the same outfit one of their employees controversially wears to teach students.

Menzies arrived at the meeting dressed as transgender Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher Kayla Lemieux, who has made headlines lately for wearing massive prosthetic breasts and tight shorts to class.

One parent in the crowd complained about Lemieux’s attire, telling the school board, “No normal person in their right mind would dress up like that and go teach kids. Come on! Are you guys okay in your heads? Oakville is becoming a mockery of the world! What’s wrong with you guys?”

Meanwhile, Menzies tried to get a board member to take a petition he was holding regarding the teacher that was signed by over 16,000 people calling for the school board and Director of Education to be fired.

“Which one of you woke cowards is going to take this petition?” he asked.

Upon trying to deliver the petition, a board member said, “I’d really appreciate you to leave the room,” and Menzies accused them of “transphobia.”

When the school board decided to leave the room entirely instead of addressing the upset parents, one woman shouted, “That’s what you do in response?”

“The Halton District School Board and the Director of Education, Curtis Ennis, should be fired for allowing a female-identifying shop teacher to wear enormous fake breasts that are barely contained by see-through blouses while teaching,” Menzies said.

Even liberal talk show host Bill Maher has come out and admitted the Canadian trans teacher “obviously needs help.”

See another Rebel News report on Lemieux below: