Parents protested LGBTQ Halloween Event featuring ‘family friendly’ drag show.

Parents packed out an Encinitas school board meeting in California Wednesday night protesting an LGBTQ Halloween Event that features a “family friendly” drag show.

In footage from Wednesday night’s meeting, parents called out the board for allowing the event, blasting the liberal agenda to sexualize children and indoctrinate them into gender confusion.

“I just want to know what it is that makes a drag show ‘family friendly,’” asked one mom. “Because if you follow it to its logical conclusion you can slap ‘family friendly’ titles on anything. You can have ‘family friendly’ gentlemen’s clubs, ‘family friendly’ strip shows, ‘family friendly’ 50 Shades of Grey read-alouds.

“Will you approve my flyer if I want to host an ‘All the Sex Secrets of the Kama Sutra for kids and families’ if it’s ‘family friendly?’ That’s my question.”

“While we have a culture that has a huge problem with child porn and with sex trafficking, Encinitas Union School District in CA, made the decision to feature an event to sexualize young children,” the group Rooted Wings, which posted the video on Instagram, captioned the footage.

In another public statement to the board, mom Carrie Prejean Boller went on to call out members of the school board for posting questionable material on social media, including one board member who photographed himself flipping off Trump Tower.

Footage also showed other parents speaking at the event who were equally disturbed by the board’s actions.

A flyer for the “Boo Bash” party advertises it as the “queerest free Halloween party for youth & families,” with a “family friendly drag show” listed among the event’s festivities. The flyer also sports a symbol in the top left corner featuring the trans flag color scheme.

Parents’ protests outside the school also received coverage from local media.

“It is very clear what the agenda is. It is not a family friendly event and the district is lying to our children – and these are our children,” one irate parent told NBC San Diego.

It remains to be seen whether the district will continue to hold the event scheduled for Saturday, October 29.